By you being here on Planet Earth, you have agreed to start and complete this journey called life. Everyone here on Planet Earth has a life. However, most of us are not alive; we are in a state of survival. We are not alive because we are either afraid to live or we do not know how to live.

Because of this, we compromise to live our lives in a state of constipation: everything is stuck because our lives lack rhythm and flow. And when our lives do appear to have some movement, they creep with disharmony, dissatisfaction, and discomfort!

Soaring from Within brings a fresh and captivating look into what the true recipe of success and significance in life can mean. I believe anyone who can consistently apply these principles will see a dramatic increase in all areas of life.”

— Wayne Johnson, Double Diamond Distributor, AdvoCare International CEO, www.WeBuildChampions.com

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